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The benefits of a Safestyle glazed extension

Your conservatory provides a great open space that can be used for many different purposes. As time goes on however you may notice that the quality of your conservatory is decreasing with more draughts and cold air being let into your home. A conservatory will not last forever and in order to keep it looking and performing at its best you may want to think about upgrading your outdated and poorly functioning roof and windows. If you're thinking about having a new conservatory installed it may be easier, and much cheaper, to consider a glazed extension instead of building one from the ground up.

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With a Safestyle conservatory upgrade you can transform your conservatory and enhance your entire home with a room that is usable all year round. Many older conservatories are made from outdated materials that are not equipped to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You will also find that older conservatories tend to have a polycarbonate roof which is prone to weather damage, as well as cracking and showing visible decay as it ages. A glazed extension allows you to keep the existing ground work of your current conservatory and have a new energy efficient roof and windows installed to give a modern and fresh look. This gives your home a beautiful up-to-date look and design but is often much quicker and more affordable.

The materials used in construction, especially for conservatories, have improved dramatically in the last few years and are able to provide outstanding durability and performance that would not have been possible even just a few years ago. A Safestyle glazed extensions a quick, simple and cost effective process, completed by our expert installers. There are many benefits upgrading your conservatory which you are sure to feel throughout the whole house.

Conservatory with french doors

Aesthetic appeal

One of the most common reasons why people decide to upgrade their conservatory is due to its visual appeal. Conservatories that were installed from the 1980's upwards often had a polycarbonate roof that was great for the time but it is no longer viewed to be a suitable or efficient material. Polycarbonate roofs will begin to age and look outdated, they are also prone to Becoming brittle and discoloured as the polycarbonate ages so are not the most aesthetically pleasing option. There is no doubt that upgrading your conservatory will give a beautiful and fresh appearance and be a much more visually appealing.

Glazed extension inside

More affordable option that a full conservatory installation

A glazed extension offers a cost effective way of transforming your current conservatory into a modern room that can be used all year round. You will find that it is much cheaper to replace the fixtures of the conservatory than the entire building foundations. A conservatory upgrade is also less disruptive to your home and will take less time to install, without the requirement of planning permission. With a Safestyle upgrade your old conservatory windows will be replaced with our award winning, energy efficient A-rated ones. You'll have the option to choose from a variety of designs and roof options to really transform the old space.

modern conservatory inside

Increased energy effciency

A large proportion of the heat from the conservatory will escape through your glazing and roof. Old and inefficient windows will allow heat from your home to escape meaning that your money is quite literally going straight out of the window. You may also find that they are letting draughts and cold air in which is not ideal in the cold winter months. Our windows are recommended by The Energy Savings Trust for how efficient they are, they are expertly designed and manufactured to provide a superior thermal performance. Having a glass roof also provides far greater energy efficiency over an old polycarbonate style, helping you to reduce energy bills and stay warm.

Safestyle classic plus conservatory

If you'd like to find out how much a Safestyle glazed extension would cost you then click here to arrange a free quotation appointment. At Safestyle we pride ourselves on being the affordable national installer. Research shows that our prices are up to 30% cheaper than our competitors and our price match promise means that we will beat any like for like genuine quote.

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