How double glazing helps to reduce energy bills

Properly insulating your home is one of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient and reduce the amount of energy that you use. Having high quality and well performing double glazing is one of the most effective ways that you can make sure your home is well insulated.

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All properties will lose some heat through their windows, walls and roof but you can take measures to make sure your home loses as little heat as possible. Safestyle double glazing is specifically designed to keep the maximum amount of heat in your home and provide great thermal insulation. Installing energy efficient double glazing will help to reduce your energy bills because it will reduce the amount of heat that is escaping through the window. You will find that your heating will not need to be set as high or be left on as long because the windows are keeping the heat inside the property.

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All windows are given a rating to determine how efficient they are at saving energy. The Window Energy Rating (WER) offers a scale from A+, for the best performing windows, to G, for the worst performing windows. The higher the rating a window receives the more energy efficient it will be. Click here to find out more about window energy ratings. You will find that older windows tend to be less efficient and will often let heat escape straight out of the window. Older windows generally lose performance over time and may not achieve the rating they achieved when they were originally installed. Replacing old G rated windows with new A rated ones should massively help to reduce your energy bills and eliminate draughts.

How does energy efficient glazing work to reduce heat loss?

At Safestyle our EcoDiamond™ windows are recommended by the Energy Savings Trust and are different from standard double glazing by working in two main ways. Using advanced glass technology the inner pane of glass is specifically designed to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through the window while the outer pane allows heat from the sun to penetrate through and into your home.

The glass is specially coated so that it becomes selective for which wavelengths of energy it allows to pass and which it reflects, this means that more heat will be retained inside your home. As more heat is retained, the outer pane of glass is not heated as much by escaping energy and the inner pane is keeping more heat in and becomes warmer. This helps to prevent heat loss and encourages warmth during the colder months of the year.

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Double glazing will also trap air in between the two banes of glass, creating an insulating barrier that will stop heat being lost. The glass is sealed together precisely and the air is removed and replaced with Argon gas to provide superior insulation. Our EcoDiamond™ glazed units use a 16mm gap between the two glazing panes, this is filled with Argon gas (an inert gas that provides superior thermal performance) and sealed, creating a barrier that slows down heat loss. The finished unit is made to measure and fit the frame and therefore the hole in your wall perfectly. It is then fixed securely and sealed in by the fitters to ensure an airtight fit.

How much will I save from installing energy efficient glazing?

It is difficult to say how much you will save in heating costs after an installation as this is often also dependent on factors within the home and your energy usage. According to the GGF energy savings calculator replacing old timber double glazing, that has a 8-10mm spacer, with new A rated double glazing in a detached house that has electric heating could potentially save over £285 a year in reduced heating bills. You can work out the potential savings for your property by using the GGF Energy Savings Calculator:

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Will I recoup the whole cost of the installation in reduced heating bills?

We often get asked if a new double glazing installation will in time pay for itself with the money that is saved in lowered energy bills. It is unlikely that you would recover the whole cost of the installation from reduced heating bills. However you should expect to see some reduction to the amount of energy you're using straight away, the extent will depend on your energy usage and previous glazing. Your glazing is a vital part of your home and you will find that the performance will decrease over time as the windows start to age and become less energy efficient. Old frames can also look unsightly and lead to further problems such as draughts and damp.

Double glazing is an investment and something that will not only help to keep your home warm but also add value to the property and increase its aesthetic appeal. While the initial cost may be off putting its important to think of the long term benefits installing new double glazing will bring to your home. Click here to read more about the benefits of installing double glazing.

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Is all double glazing the same?

There are many double glazing styles and companies to choose from so it can be a little confusing to know what is best for your home. Not all double glazing is the same and the quality and standard will very much depend on the company you choose to complete the installation. As technology and engineering advances there have been vast improvements in the double glazing industry. Even glazing that was installed just five years ago may not be as thermally efficient and well insulating as the standard that is installed today.

You will first need to consider what material you would like your window frames to be made from. At Safestyle we exclusively manufacture and install uPVC frames because we believe in the superior performance and energy efficiency that they provide. Click here to read our comparison on uPVC, aluminium and timber windows to find out which is the best material for you.

The quality of your double glazing will depend on the standard of the glass and frame as well as the expertise of the installation team. We are the UK's number one installer of replacement uPVC windows and door fitting thousands of installations all over the country every single week. You can trust in the experience and expertise of Safestyle as well as the quality of our products to find the perfect double glazing for your home.

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