The benefits of installing double glazing

The benefits of installing double glazing

You're probably wondering if installing new windows and double glazing is worth it due to the initial cost. As with all major home improvements the cost can often put people off and leave them wondering if the job is absolutely necessary. At Safestyle we pride ourselves on being an affordable national installer; we really do try to give you the best quality products at a great price, so your new window installation could cost a lot less than you expect. If it’s the upfront costs that are worrying you then why not ask about our flexible payment plans that will help you spread the cost and offer 2 years interest free credit.

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1. Improved comfort

Old windows can let in cold air and drafts that can really make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. A large majority of your home's heating is lost through the window making your home colder. Installing new energy efficient windows helps to reduce any heat loss and stop cold air from coming into the property so that you can feel warm and cosy.

2. Energy cost savings

Double glazing is designed to keep the maximum amount of heat in your home and provide great thermal installation. Our Eco Diamond and sliding sash windows are recommended by the Energy Savings Trust for how efficient they are. As they keep more heat inside of your home, it means you don't have to have your heating set as high or be kept on as long which can have a massive effect on those energy bill costs. Read more about the energy saving benefits of installing new windows.

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3. Reduced condensation

Condensation can be a serious problem for many households and can lead to mould which causes damage to your home and health. If mould builds up it can rot wood frames and cause damp to your property which can be extremely expensive to repair. Excessive mould and damp can also reduce the value of a property so it's not something that anyone wants in their home. New windows and double glazing prevents the build up of condensation and works to keep your house better insulated. Read more about condensation and your windows by clicking here.

4. Reduced noise

If you've ever had a noisy neighbour you'll know how annoying unnecessary sound can be. Single pane glass and old windows tend to let a lot of outdoor sound it, making it harder for you to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet in your home. If you live on a busy street or near an airport you'll want your windows to block out as much noise as possible. Installing new double glazing windows improve sound insulation and help to block out exterior noise.

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5. Increased security

Installing new windows can have huge security benefits and help to reduce the risk of being broken into. Potential intruders are less likely to attempt to break into your home if it looks secure and safe. Well installed and secure windows make it much harder for someone to get in, if you only have single pane glass then you should really think about upgrading to double glazing for the security benefit alone. All of our windows come with additional security features, such as multi point locking to make it extremely hard for an intruder to open.

6. Adds value to your home and aesthetic appeal

You'll get to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of upgrading your windows and choose a style that really compliments your tastes. New windows and doors can really update a property and make it look more modern. If you are thinking about selling your home, double glazing will add a significant appeal which makes your home easier to sell

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7. Increased durability

Single pane glass and old windows can become very week over time which is a security risk. Our windows and doors are built to stand the test of time and even come with a 10 year guarantee so that you can have any issues repaired or replaced free of charge. Modern double glazing and uPVC windows are also much easier to clean so that your windows stay looking great for years to come.

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